Lee Brower

October 5th, 2012

3 Short Stories About Change

By Lee Brower

Take a few minutes, and watch these three short stores about Change.


6 Responses to “3 Short Stories About Change”

  1. Rob Dunfey

    Great videos and thoughts. Keep them coming!!

  2. beatrice

    thank you for sharing, it’s really inspiring…. THANK YOU!!

  3. Brandon Sinclair

    Very powerful, way to go Lee! You are a true inspiration

  4. Jay Paterson

    Calm, Truth, Positive, Sharing with Others, Leadership, Leverage, Legacy, Gratitude, are all characteristics Lee displays when thinking about other people.
    Our system, The Empowered Wealth Quadrant Living System, was designed by Lee and all the other Founfing Architects, while they were thinking about others. What have we witnessed, what did we learn, what do we know, how can we help?
    Lee, Ron, Paul, Dave, Lori, and the rest of the gang are to be congratulated.
    And one quick word for Lee’s Mom.

    With Love,

  5. Jim Stryker

    Lee, Outstanding!! Thank you for taking the time and effort to give! Truly inspiring.

  6. Scott Wilkins

    Lee, thanks for sharing…enjoy hearing your message!

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