The Business Family Coach®

Lee Brower, the founder of Empowered Wealth, wants to empower families. He believes that by empowering families many of our social, political, and economic challenges can be met and overcome. Lee has also spent 19 years coaching successful entrepreneurs through programs offered by Strategic Coach It’s no surprise, then, that Lee has now developed a coaching program called The Business Family Coach™ to empower families of successful entrepreneurs.

We’re all familiar with family businesses. Most political leaders and economic thinkers believe that family businesses are a major driver of the global economy, employing millions of people and providing countless goods and services throughout the world. Universities, consultants, business writers, and experts of all sorts have delved deeply into the workings of family businesses, particularly from the standpoint of entrepreneurism. There is now an extensive body of knowledge surrounding the entrepreneurial family business and a robust advisory community supporting entrepreneurs and their businesses.

But the family business and the family itself are inevitably inseparable at a fundamental level. Obviously, many families have their financial futures directly tied to the results of their businesses. But there’s more. The classic entrepreneurial success story depicts someone driven by passion and a vision, working long hours, sacrificing time with the family and friends in order to achieve financial success. But what about other important values and measures of “success”? Unspoken life lessons are being taught daily to children through the activities and results of family businesses. So we ask, “Where in the midst of this ongoing global dialogue about family business is the interrelated discussion about the family?”

Why do we know that The Business Family Coach® is needed? There’s just one revealing statistic that will convince you: 97% of all family business wealth never makes it beyond the third generation. That’s despite the university programs, the consultants, the business writers, and all the experts. In other words, despite the teaching, training, and advice of the very best minds in the world. Why are we different? The difference is coaching. Why do the very best athletes, entertainers, speakers, and performers in many fields have coaches? Because the feedback, applied knowledge, and encouragement that a coach provides has proven to be successful where education, training, and advice have failed. That’s The Business Family Coach® difference.