About Lee Brower

Lee Brower is the Founder of Empowered Wealth, LLC (www.empoweredwealth.com) and the creator of The Business Family Coach®, a revolutionary program for entrepreneurs and business leaders.  Using a proprietary coaching model, The Business Family Coach® applies the Empowered Wealth System™ in both businesses and families.  The result is not only success and prosperity but sustainable prosperity™.

Lee has been featured in the best-selling book and movie The Secret, and has appeared on numerous television and radio shows in North and South America including The Today Show, and other popular programs. His paradigm shifting method of family estate planning is based on family leadership and transferring not just monetary wealth, but core assets like family values and principles, memories and wisdom.  Lee is a noted authority on helping families create immediate and enduring legacies that flourish generation after generation. His breakthrough concepts on empowering wealth are influencing leadership in a variety of places, from private homes and small businesses to public corporations and large educational institutions.

Born and raised in California, Lee attended Brigham Young University and the University of Redlands, where he majored in business administration and Spanish. He then went on to study and practice financial and estate planning, earning a CLU and ChFC designation from American College in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.

For more than 20 years, he has also served as an Entrepreneurial Coach for Strategic Coach Inc., an international organization based in Toronto that offers practical-thinking tools and support structures to help business owners create the personal and professional future they want.

Passionate, dedicated and highly engaging, Lee captures audiences with his magnetic message and charismatic rapport. Co-author of Wealth Enhancement & Preservation, he is recognized in Who’s Who in the West and Who’s Who Worldwide. In his latest book, The Brower Quadrant, he shares the specifics of applying the Empowered Wealth principles.

Visionary in thought and action, Lee is truly a “change agent” of our time. He is dedicated to revolutionizing how family owned businesses create and nourish their wealth — at home, at work and beyond. Lee resides in the St. George, UT area with his wife, Lori, where they enjoy the outdoors and the joys that come from having a blended family of eight children and seventeen grandchildren.