Why Wouldn’t You Start Your Day This Way?

Stop – Look – Go!!
Before you get out of bed do this… “Lift the corners of your mouth”
Before you get dressed do this… Express Gratitude to… God, self, and…
Before you leave your room do this… be intentional consciously and unconsciously.

We Croak

In Bhutan, they say contemplating death 5 times daily brings happiness.
“The unexamined life is not worth living.” Socrates – Time without energy is nothing. Time does not have quality. Energy does. – “If you think that finding your purpose is about you, you will never find it.” FROGG – Fully Rely On God’s Grace


Instead of saying, “I don’t have enough time, try saying, “It’s not a priority.” Life Coach and Leadership Guru, Lee Brower, discusses how our TEARs (Time, Energy, Attention, Resources) help us with our priorities. If you have problems viewing the video, click here to view in YouTube. Listen / Download Audio Click here to receive […]