Without this One Thing Gratitude Loses its Power

An “attitude of gratitude” generally falls short when it comes to considering how to seed and nurture this attitude.
“It is a foundational trait upon which all else can be built as it allows you to be open to continuous improvement and learning and to win the trust, support, and effort of everyone you work with.”
– Richard Shrapnel
Achieve — Creating a Life of Enduring Success.
Humble people are great leaders!


We were bombarded with love, kindness, selflessness, and joy. What a weekend! Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate. Only love can do that. – Martin Luther King

Peace like a River

Peace like a River  Peace like a River “I see the challenges that are in front of me, but they don’t need to overwhelm me. Just like the river, I can move along with peace in my heart, with a quiet place inside myself where the trouble of the world cannot come.” If you […]

A Dog, and Sasha

https://youtu.be/aNUyZdOQsCA Kindness has ripples that influence for decades, even centuries. Article tags: If you have problems viewing the video, click here to view in YouTube. PodCast: Listen / Download Audio Click here to receive our weekly Meaningful Monday Message in your email inbox. We invite you to SHARE this video by clicking the “Share” button below. “Would any of your […]