7 year old, Sailor.

https://youtu.be/jDSEBspF_FY In January 2015, seven-year-old Sailor Gutzler and her family were flying from Florida to Illinois in a private airplane. Sailor’s father was at the controls. Just after nightfall, they developed mechanical problems and crashed in the pitch-dark hills of Kentucky, upside down in very rough and isolated terrain. Everyone but Sailor died in the […]

Are you stuck and don’t know it?

Are you stuck  Are you stuck and don’t know it? Do you ever feel like you have your foot on the gas but you are not going anywhere? “The enemy of Thriving is Arriving.” – LMBrower Why protecting and expanding your vision is your 2nd most important responsibility as a leader in your family […]

Build Bridges

Build Bridges  Build Bridges Together Despair is the state we fall into when our imagination fails… – George Monbiot It’s not what we go through, it’s how we come through. – Lee Brower If you have problems viewing the video, click here to view in YouTube. PodCast: Listen / Download AudioClick here to receive […]