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Yes, we are passing the torch, after 16 consecutive annual WACKY charitable softball tournaments filled with love and hope. Over those years thousands of young softball girls have played in the tournament, and each team is assigned a cancer Cutie (a young boy or girl living with cancer- which may include those that become angels). These girls love on those Cuties… they play their hearts out and often stay in touch year-round. A quote was shared at a banquet we held before the tournament and so many have asked for a copy. We share that quote with you:

“This is what passes for hope: Those we have lost invoke in us feelings of love that we didn’t know we were capable of. These permanent changes are their legacies, their gifts to us. It is our task to transfer that love to those who still need us. In this way, we remain faithful to their memories.”
– Gordon Livingston, MD  – Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart

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